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I bought a Master Lock Steering Wheel Lock about 6 months ago, filled in the paperwork and sent it in by certified mail as requested to get their warranty in case my car was stolen. A few months later, my car got stolen, first time I've ever had a car stolen.

First, this lock was able to be picked by a standard flat head screw driver. Except for it becoming loose, it would still be "useable." Second, when I went to file the warranty, they claimed the original registration never got to them and therefore not entered into their system. I attempted to show them that I had the receipt for the certified letter and a copy of my original receipt, but the representative basically told me they do not honor the 1000 deductable grantee.

I was a faithful customer, but with this I'm going to be using other brands for my personal and business use. I expect they'll lose more than they gained by this decision over the course of 5-10 years.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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I had the exact same experience! Their customer "service" was beyond terrible. They've just hung up on me and the representative basically called me a liar and accused me of not giving her the information she didn't ask for!

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